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Are you ready to embark on a journey towards becoming a confident and safe driver? Do you desire high quality and result-oriented Assessment and Training Programmes for drivers in your organization? Look no further; Professional Driving and Safety Academy is a top-notch driving school that can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the streets with confidence and precision with deep considerations for safety and security. So, whether you are a Beginner looking to obtain your Driver’s license, an experienced Driver or Employer of Driver’s  seeking to enhance driving skills for effective and safe vehicle control, enrolling in professional driving and safety academy is the right step towards achieving mastery on the road and becoming a confident and responsible driver.

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Mastering the road requires more than just learning the basics of operating a vehicle; it demands a comprehensive understanding of road rules, defensive driving techniques, and the ability to handle unexpected situations.

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Basic Courses

Advanced Assessment and Proficiency Training for all categories of Drivers

Special Vehicle Driving

Professional Convoy and Emergency Vehicle Driver Training.

Articulated Vehicles and other Trucks Driving

Trucks and Articulated Vehicle Driver Training.

School Bus Driving

School Bus Drivers and Drivers’ Assistants Training.


Professional Driving and Safety Academy is a certified professional driving school in Nigeria, with our main branch located in Ikorodu, Lagos State, and other branches in all the state capitals in Nigeria and Abuja. Our company works with a lot of experienced and certified driving instructors with more than 12 years of experience who are well-versed in the latest traffic rules and safety regulations. The Professional Driving and Safety Academy (PDSA) is an experienced driving school certified and approved by the Federal Road Service Corps (FRSC), established in 2008.

PDSA has grown to become one of the most reliable driving schools in Nigeria to kickstart your driving journey. Our driving school offers expert instructors, comprehensive courses, and a focus on safety. Join us today to become a confident and responsible driver.

We cater to your needs and are committed to providing top-notch training, ensuring you master the art of driving. Enroll now and experience excellence on the road

Head Office:


212 Lagos Road,

Agric/BRT Bus stop,

Ikorodu, Lagos State.

BRANCHES:  All the State Capitals in Nigeria and Abuja.



professional driving and safety academy


PDSA is one of the best Driving Schools in Nigeria with a unique focus on Professionalism,  Safety and Security in driving. Our Company has trained many Learner Drivers and Experienced Corporate/Executive Drivers to become great and safer Drivers. We strongly believe driving safely is the main priority. Here, we teach Candidates certain skills to maintain safe and super defensive driving while being courteous on the road with other Drivers. We create a team of individuals that carry expertise, empathy, love, and others towards other road users. Our training programmes are comprehensive, affordable, resourceful, result-oriented, and enriched with simulations, Case Studies, and adequate Practical sessions with commendable Track Records.

Our experienced driving instructors will provide you or the Drivers in your organization with quality driving lessons and everything you need to know about driving safely and confidently. We will also help with processing or renewal of your driver’s licence as soon as possible.


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You can register your interest online through our registration form at the top of the website, anywhere you are in the country, and you will be contacted immediately. You can also chat directly with our Chief Executive by clicking on the WhatsApp button on your screen.

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Embark on a journey to learn how to drive confidently with our professional and experienced Assessors and Driving instructors. Patronise us to become to become a confident and responsible driver and to secure for your Driver’s, the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competence required for safety and security on the roads in all situations. 

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