According to Global Reports, each year, nearly 1.35 million die as a result of Road Traffic Crashes, more than 3,000 deaths each day with over 40,000 deaths annually in Nigeria. About 50million more people sustain various degrees of non-fatal injuries from crashes and these injuries are clear causes of disability worldwide. More Research Reports have also affirmed that over 80 percent of the Crashes/Road Accidents were caused by Human Factors (mostly Drivers). The United Nations General Assembly has described the global road traffic crashes, death and injuries as a major Public Health problem with a broad range of Social and Economic consequences that, if unaddressed, may affect the Sustainable Development and hinder progress in Countries.

Considering the fact that most of the Human and Material movements or Travelings are done on the Roads, it then becomes very expedient to pay more attention to the Human Factors (Drivers). It is in view of the aforementioned and allied factors that we hereby proposed the observance of “Drivers Day” (DD) to the United Nations in 2018.

The objective is to Recognize, Educate, Motivate, Challenge and Encourage all categories of Drivers to always embrace Safe Driving for Life Skills and Attitudes. It is also to give cognizance to the roles of Drivers in the reduction of traffic crashes and injuries as contained in section 3.6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030), and to further teach and encourage Drivers to be more safety – conscious and law-abiding on the roads (safer road use).



  1. Gathering of Drivers in Offices, Motor Parks and other locations for Lectures, Public Enlightenment and other activities on Driving, Road Safety and Security.
  2. Presentation of different levels of Awards and Gifts to Drivers by their Employers, Principals/Bosses and NGOs (Local and International).

      Suggested Awards:

  1. Overall Best Driver Award.
  2. Accident – free Award.
  3. Best well-behaved Driver Award.
  4. Most Productive Driver Award.
  5. Refreshment and Interactive sessions between Officers and Drivers.
  6. Other memorable and motivational activities.


  • It will boost Driver Education.
  • It will boost Experience – sharing among Drivers and other Officers.
  • It will boost the morale of Drivers among other Staff (gives the Drivers a sense of belonging in the Organization).
  • it will motivate the Drivers for improved Work Ethics and Productivity.
  • it will enhance the commitment of the Drivers to duty.
  • it will promote positive competition among Drivers for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • it will promote Driver retention and reduce losses.

Your organization can fix your Drivers’ Day on any day of the 3rd week in November annually, effective this year. Our organization is willing and will honor your invitation to be part of the planning and/or implementation of your annual “International Drivers Day” to play any defined role towards the success of the events in your organization.

COLLABORATION: In our operations and training programs, our organization collaborates with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Directorate of Road Traffic Services (VIOs), Driving School Association of Nigeria (DSAN), Association of Road Risk Managers (UK), World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD), Coalition of Road Safety NGOs (CORSAN), UN Decade of Action for Road Safety and Injury Prevention (UNDARSIP), Institute of Professional Drivers of Nigeria (IPDN), and the Institute of Driving Instructors of Nigeria, among others.

While we look forward to your response and subsequent actions on the “Drivers Day” programs, please find attached the letter from the “United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety” to our proposal on the Driver Day program for your information.

your information.

Thank you Sir.

Yours faithfully,

Jide Owatunmise

  • Registrar/Chief Executive, Professional Driving and Safety Academy (PDSA).
  • Fmr National President, Association of Driving Instructors of Nigeria (ADIN).
  • Fmr National President, Driving School Association of Nigeria (DSAN).
  • Director of Studies, Institute of Driving Instructors of Nigeria,
  • Training Co-ordinator, Instigate of Professional Drivers of Nigeria (IPDN).

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